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#CSinPA 7-12 Computer Science Certification Updates

#CSinPA 7-12 Computer Science Certification Updates

This meeting provides updates on Pennsylvania 7-12 Computer Science Certification and Praxis exam information.
“I Have More To Say!”: Moving Beyond Requesting with AAC

“I Have More To Say!”: Moving Beyond Requesting with AAC

Requesting is a common starting point for many emergent communicators. While requesting is a motivating place to begin, we often find ourselves feeling stuck there. In this session, we will explore ideas for incorporating core vocabulary into daily classroom routines, and provide examples of implementation.

02. Integrating SWPBIS and Olweus Anti-Bullying

01:06:20 minutes
This session features how McKinley Elementary School integrated PBIS and the Olweus Anti-Bullying Program. By finding the nexus between the two programs, McKinley was able to leverage the structures of PBIS and Olweus to proactively reduce bullying behaviors. Interventions provided through both frameworks provided a supportive foundation to improve school climate and culture. The strategies utilized to forge this connection will be shared during this session.

04. Empowering Students with RENEW

01:19:51 minutes
RENEW addresses Rehabilitation for Empowerment, Natural supports, Education and Work for at-risk students. RENEW is a Tier 3 intervention that is currently being implemented in seven pilot sites across Pennsylvania. During this session state-level RENEW facilitators will provide an overview of the RENEW process. Additionally, Pennsylvania’s pilot sites will detail their experiences in utilizing RENEW by drawing from real student experiences. The pilot sites’ stories will be framed by RENEW milestones including initial student engagement, futures mapping, and person-centered team development.

1. Focus on the Moments! (Opening Keynote)

01:13:12 minutes
Consider that there are 23,363 schools using Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. That is approximately 11,762,345 students receiving supports within a PBIS framework ( Each student attends approximately 180 days per school year which translates to 950 hours or 57,000 minutes of instruction ( This equates to 670,453,665,000 moments per student per year. Education is a profession with challenges and demands every minute; a high rate of decision-making every minute; and, high stakes. In each moment, we have the opportunity to improve the likelihood of our students’ and educators’ success. If we have a bad moment, we can turn that moment around and make the next moment better! Let’s make every moment count!

1. Preventing Behavior and Mental Health Problems through Improved School Climate

01:20:18 minutes
Schools often struggle to address student behavior problems, and rarely consider the importance of school climate as a contextual factor influencing these outcomes. This session will highlight the role of school climate in preventing and addressing student behavioral and mental health problems. We will also consider the role of student and staff connectedness in school climate, and ways to leverage the tiered PBIS framework to improve school climate, and in turn promote favorable behavioral and mental health for students.

10. Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring & Citizenship (TRRFCC) Implementation

00:39:14 minutes
This session is designed to give your team the "BIG PICTURE" while providing an overview of the first 3 years of implementing SWPBIS at the elementary level in a collaborative style. The presenters will provide guidance on how to develop a timeline & framework, incorporate home & preschool connections as well as address proactive bullying prevention. They will share how to celebrate your successes and highlight the positives while learning how to put on the brakes and slow the "train" down.

11. Screen to Intervene: A Trauma-Informed Emotional and Behavioral Health Decision-Making Model

00:41:15 minutes
This session describes the implementation of a school-wide PBIS emotional and behavioral health assessment to intervention model within an urban school district. Presenters will discuss the evidence for and logistical challenges of a trauma-informed approach with a high-needs student population, and development of a decision-making framework.

13. A Winning Approach to Year One SWPBS Implementation

00:42:10 minutes
Members of the West Chester Area School District will discuss Year One SWPBS implementation in their elementary school. The Mary C. Howse Elementary School SWPBS Core Team devised a unique and effective timeline for Tier 1 implementation in their K-5 school. We will share how MCH students Make exCellence Happen each and every day!