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21. The Evolution of a Core Leadership Team

00:45:15 minutes
The Core Leadership Team (CLT) is essential in establishing a foundation for collaboration within any school setting. Through commitment, reflection and shared decision-making, the CLT sets the tone for program-wide PBIS implementation. This session will take a look at one team’s progression over time, including its strengths, challenges and lessons learned.

26. Connections Between Trauma-Informed Practices and PBIS: A School Application

00:57:44 minutes
Using converging research from the fields of brain science, trauma, poverty and behavior, this overview session will identify school practices that effectively support students with trauma histories. Specific connections to components of PBIS will be made. Note: definition of trauma includes poverty-related developmental/pervasive trauma.

27. Teaching School Wide Expectations to Develop Character

00:57:45 minutes
During this session, the presenters will discuss how they continually develop positive character traits of their students. The SWPBS team has chosen the traits of Responsibility, Respect, Caring, Trustworthiness, Fairness, and Citizenship. In this session the team will share experiences with the 4 Be’s and developing a character education program. These efforts are helping students to become "Motivated Millionaires".

28. Systematic Screening for Behavior Challenges: The Importance of Intervening

01:05:37 minutes
Universal screening is an essential component of three-tiered models of prevention and intervention. This session will provide an introduction to Comprehensive, Integrated, Three-tiered (CI3T) Model of Prevention which addresses academic, behavioral, and social domains with an emphasis on the importance of systematic screenings. Several behavioral screening tools will be introduced and examples of how to use these data to monitor overall levels of risk in a building and connect students to interventions will be discussed.

28. Utilizing a Behavioral Response Tool: Creating a Plan for Deescalating Student Behavior

00:50:50 minutes
This session will explore the use of a tool designed to create consistent behavioral responses from adults working with students experiencing escalating behavior. The presenters will provide guidance on incorporating the use of the results into classroom practice and integration into Positive Behavior Support Plans (PBSPs).

29. CHAMPS: An Effective Tool for Coaching Classroom Management within a SWPBIS Framework

01:07:59 minutes
During this session participants will learn the purpose of why and how the CHAMPS program has become such an integral part within the successful implementation and sustained efforts of Kerr Elementary’s SWPBIS framework. The presenters will discuss the process of developing, establishing and implementing clear and consistent expectations across the entire school environment; share the guiding principles of the CHAMPS program; and explain how the CHAMPS program is successfully maintained through coaching and consistency. They will discuss how data helps guide the PBS team’s decision-making, and how data helps to clarify the success of their program.

29. Embedding Social Skills into the Early Intervention Environment

00:52:39 minutes
Are you looking for creative ways to reach students with challenging behavior? Come explore how our special education teachers are creating nurturing and safe environments for our students with disabilities. We will share specific strategies (i.e., establish and state clear behavior expectations, model and explain cool-down strategies) linked to the Pennsylvania state standards on managing emotions and behaviors.

3. SRSS: If You Screen You Must Intervene

00:55:00 minutes
At Owen J. Roberts, staff have been using the Student Risk Screening Scale (SRSS) for three years. The presenters will share their experiences and processes for implementation as well as how they use the data to intervene.

30. Going from "I Can't" to "I Can": A Problem-Solving Framework for Implementing PBIS

00:30:24 minutes
Facing difficulties using PBIS at your early childhood center? Who isn’t?! Teams attending this session will create an action plan to overcome a current struggle they have carrying out PBIS. Having a method to think through a challenge can help teams move from being stuck in a rut to implementing with fidelity.

30. Universal Screening of Behavior

01:07:43 minutes
Universal screening for behavior is an essential component of a three-tiered model of prevention and intervention. Abington School District will discuss the use of two universal screening tools, the Social Skills Improvement System (SSIS) and the Student Risk Screening Scale (SRSS), in three elementary buildings. Jersey Shore Area School District will discuss its use of the SRSS universal screening tool and the integration of the SRSS data with other behavioral data (SWIS) and academic data from the RtII framework.