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E12. Transition College to College for Students on the Autism Spectrum

01:32:18 minutes
The population of students on the Autism Spectrum who are headed to college is increasing. Students on the Spectrum have unique needs in preparing for post-secondary education. The transition process for students and parents must begin early and be designed appropriately in order to encourage a successful transition. Preparation and skill building are essential for the student, the family and the school team. In this session, the presenter will discuss skills needed for higher education, the development of plans for students and parents, how to build resiliency in students on the Autism Spectrum, technology supports these students may need, and appropriate transition goals for high school.

D9. Community Participation for Young Adults with Autism: What’s Important?

01:15:54 minutes
This session will present some new perspectives on community participation for young adults with autism. Community participation is an important aspect of the transition to adulthood, particularly for individuals with autism who struggle with socialization. Research has shown that once out of high school, participation in social activities often decreases for individuals with autism, although these individuals often want to be active and engaged in their communities. This session will focus on preliminary data on ways to track and measure community participation, with a strong focus on being person-centered. The session will focus on practical strategies for individuals, families and support staff to plan and help individuals be as active and engaged in their community as they want. Information will also be provided regarding opportunities and resources for community participation for young adults with autism.

C2. Engaging Employers and Educating Students: Outreach and Events to Encourage Working Relationships

01:28:37 minutes
Presenters from the Reading OVR office will provide suggestions and strategies on how to conduct outreach to the business community as well as highlight events and activities incorporating local employers that can be used to prepare youth with disabilities for successful employment outcomes.

B7. Pennsylvania’s Inclusive Post-Secondary Education Programs-Inspiring Success

01:15:51 minutes
College is increasingly a reality for students with intellectual disabilities and post-secondary education programs are GROWING in Pennsylvania. Participants will learn about Pennsylvania’s six inclusive programs: Arcadia University, Drexel University, Mercyhurst University OASIS Program, Penn State-Harrisburg, Slippery Rock University, and West Chester University. Each panelist will outline their program with information on admission requirements, the role of peer mentors, academic supports for students, residential living, developing a path to competitive employment, and tuition. The DREAM Partnership will also provide a brief update on emerging programs in Pennsylvania.

A9. Connecting with Small Businesses to Create Long Term Partnerships

01:26:27 minutes
Learn how to use local small businesses in rural areas with transition aged youth by partnering for Work Base Learning Experiences, Job Shadows, Co-Operative education opportunities and mentoring youth, by partnering with local transition councils, business and education councils, CareerLinks, and your local OVR office. Presenters will discuss techniques that have succeeded and failed and will have an open discussion on what could be improved on the failures to create success. Several success stories of partnerships with local small businesses will be shared during this presentation.

2018 Guidelines for Selection and Use of Accommodations for Keystone Exams and PSSA Tests

01:58:57 minutes
The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) offers the 2018 Guidelines for Selection and Use of Accommodations for Keystone Exams and PSSA Tests webinar and power point to examine the PSSA and Keystone Exams Accommodations Guidelines for Paper/Pencil and Online Assessments, highlight changes for 2018, present test security and administration procedures, and discuss appropriate use of accommodations in statewide assessments.

Getting Ready for 2018 Pennsylvania State Assessments

01:50:01 minutes
The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) offers the Getting Ready for 2018 Pennsylvania State Assessments webinar and power point to assist districts and schools to prepare for the 2018 PSSA, PASA, and Keystone statewide assessments. The webinar includes the 2018 test design, 2018 testing calendar, Item Samplers, Scoring Guidelines, Assessment Anchors, glossaries, test security and calculator policy.

FERPA and Educational Records

00:34:48 minutes
IDEA B and FERPA have a lot in common. How do you read them together when facing a new issue or question?

504 or IEP

00:03:44 minutes
This video highlights two ways to provide the specialized instruction and classroom accommodation for deaf or hard of hearing students: an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and a Section 504 Plan.

Successful Inclusion: The Need for Professional Support

00:02:54 minutes
This video is intended to highlight the critical role of the teacher of the deaf/ hard of hearing in supporting students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Please view the companion video “Teaching Strategies” which highlights some of the supports that can be offered to a student with a hearing loss.