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March 2, 2017

Dyslexia Town Hall

A free event for parents and professionals will focus on how "Emotional and Learning Needs Are Intertwined" and "Dyslexia and Public Education in Pennsylvania".
February 27, 2017

Using Response to Intervention (RtI) for SLD Determination: School Building Application (K-12) for Approval

School districts choosing to use the Response to Intervention process to identify students with specific learning disabilities must complete this application to validate their RtI Implementation status. Districts must provide evidence that they have implemented these 9 characteristics of the PA RtI Framework with fidelity. The document should be completed by a team representing members aware of implementation characteristics in the regular school setting. Districts are encouraged to contact Intermediate Unit or PaTTAN RtI consultants to assist in facilitating the application process.
January 29, 2017

Heart Word_His

This is an example of using "heart" words to teach irregular spelling words.
January 11, 2017

Strategies for Instructional Access in General Education Classrooms Webinar PPT

This is the PowerPoint with notes from the webinar on 1/12/2017.
December 12, 2016

Local Education Agencies Eligible for RtI_SLD

Local Education Agencies (LEAs) that have applied for approval to use Response to Instruction(RtI) to determine Specific Learning Disabilities and their approval/renewal dates.
November 14, 2016

Spotlight on Dyslexia

Learning Ally's 3rd Annual Online Conference for Educators and Parents
June 15, 2016

PaTTAN East Map and Directions

PaTTAN East Map and Directions
February 2, 2016

Dyslexia Assessment: What Is It and How Can It Help?

This is a fact sheet provided by the International Dyslexia Association.
December 21, 2015

Flyer: OIP Assessment Tools and PD Module 9 for OIP Facilitators

OIP Professional Development Module 9 is required for facilitators who will be using the new OIP Assessment Tools to support school-based teams. Module 9 provides an overview of the OIP Assessment Process. Tools, forms and resources needed to effectively facilitate the OIP Assessment Process with a team. Facilitators must complete OIP Module 9 in order to access the Tools, forms and resources.
December 13, 2015

Dyslexia and Early Literacy Intervention: Parent Fact Sheet

This brochure contains information for parents and family members of children with Dyslexia as compiled by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Topics include early literacy information, family literacy resources and advice.