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July 10, 2018

Grade 11 - MATH - CC.2.1.HSF2a - Convert between fractions and decimals in a real-world problem

Intent Statement: Recognize the connection between fractions and decimals in a real world situation
July 10, 2018

Grade 11 - MATH - CC.2.2.HSC1a - Determine the missing coordinates in a table of values containing at least 2 complete ordered pairs

Intent Statement: Complete a table that shows the relationship between two characteristics (e.g., height/weight, weather/heating costs)
July 10, 2018

Grade 11 - MATH - CC.2.2.HSC5a - Interpret the effect of a change in one variable on the other variable using graphs or tables

Intent Statement: Using a visual/tactile representation (graph or table) identify the impact of a change in one characteristic on the second characteristic
July 10, 2018

Grade 11 - MATH - CC.2.2.HSD9a - Order a given sequence of steps to solve an equation

Intent Statement: Put two or more steps in the correct order to solve an equation with numbers/quantities
July 10, 2018

Grade 11 - MATH - CC.2.4.HSB2a - Interpret the means and/or medians of two sets of data

Intent Statement: Compare the averages or middle values/quantities for two groups
July 10, 2018

Grade 11 - MATH - CC.2.4.HSB3a - Identify the relationship between two or more variables in a function

Intent Statement: Identify operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) that connects two sets of numbers/quantities Examples (Function…add 2, multiple 3, etc.)
July 10, 2018

Grade 11 - MATH - CC.2.4.HSB5a - Draw a conclusion about data presented in a two-way table representing a real world problem

Intent Statement: Use summary data combining two characteristics to make decisions about a real world problem.
July 10, 2018

Grade 5 - ELA - E05BV4.1.2b - Use relationships between words to aid comprehension - Ex 1

Intent Statement: Use the connections between words and concepts in text to gain understanding of its meaning.
July 10, 2018

Grade 11 - ELA - CC1.2.1112Ia - Identify main ideas/central ideas and concepts in U.S. documents of historical or political significance.

Intent Statement: Find the big concepts and main ideas within historical documents.
July 10, 2018

Grade 11 - ELA - CC1.2.1112.La - Read and answer a question using informational material

Intent Statement:
•    Answer questions by using informational text