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July 10, 2018

Grade 7 - MATH - M07AR1.1.6a - Use percentages to solve a real-world problem

Intent Statement: Solve a real world problem using percentages
July 10, 2018

Grade 7 - MATH - M07BE2.3.1a - Identify a reasonable solution in the context of a problem using the four basic operations and numbers under 20.

Intent Statement: Determine if answer to addition, subtraction, multiplication or division problem is a reasonable answer
July 10, 2018

Grade 7 - MATH - M07CG1.1.1a - Solve a 1-step real-world problem related to scaling

Intent Statement: Use a model reduced in scale (size) to solve a real world problem (e.g., use model of room to figure out arrangement of furniture)
July 10, 2018

Grade 7 - MATH - M07CG2.1.1a - Use angle relationships to find the missing angle.

Intent Statement: Use information about angles to form a straight line
July 10, 2018

Grade 7 - MATH - M07DS2.1.1b - Use measures of central tendency to interpret data, including overall patterns in the data.

Intent Statement: Demonstrate meaning of the average, the middle value/quantity or the most frequently occurring value in a set of data
July 10, 2018

Grade 8 - MATH - M08AN1.1.2a - Convert a fraction to a decimal up to the hundredths place

Intent Statement: Recognize the connection between a fraction and a decimal to the hundredths place
July 10, 2018

Grade 8 - MATH - M08BE2.1.1a - Compare two proportional relationships shown in graph form.

Intent Statement: Recognize what is the same and/or different about two relationships on a graph
July 10, 2018

Grade 8 - MATH - M08BE3.1.1a - Select an algebraic equation using addition or subtraction to solve a 2-step real-world problem with one variable.

Intent Statement: Match an addition or subtraction expression with any kinds of real numbers/quantities that would solve a 2- step real world problem
July 10, 2018

Grade 8 - MATH - M08BF2.1.2a - Describe the relationship between two variables with a linear relationship displayed in graph form.

Intent Statement: Using a graph see the pattern between two sets of numbers/quantities
July 10, 2018

Grade 8 - MATH - M08DS1.2.1a - Answer a question using data from a two-way table.

Intent Statement: Use summary data combining two characteristics to answer question