Classroom Management Resources and Tools: An Overview Webinar

Speaking: Laura, Elaine, Dennis

The webinar features the five evidence-based practices of effective classroom management identified by Simonsen et al. (2008)that commonly serve as a cornerstone of preventative classroom behavioral management strategies that maximizes appropriate student conduct and sets the stage for instructional success. 1. Structure and predictability 2. Post, teach, and reinforce a small number of classroom rules 3. Actively engage students in observable ways 4. Using a continuum of responses to acknowledge appropriate behavior 5. Developing a continuum of responses to respond to inappropriate behavior During this webinar, participants will: · Consider how the five evidence-based classroom strategies may be incorporated into instructional routines · Examine existing electronic classroom management tools and how to access it via the PaTTAN Website · Highlight components of a Classroom Management PLC (Professional Learning Community) and how to conduct these meetings featuring evidence-based classroom management strategies