Assessment in School-Age TBI: Focus on Executive Functions for BrainSTEPS - Part 1

Speaking: Brenda, Dr. Stephen

The assessment of school-age students following a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) requires not only knowledge of TBI, but understanding of assessment and management strategies that are multidimensional in nature. The complexity of this multidimensionality is underscored in our understanding of executive functions. In general, our executive functions provide most of the regulatory capabilities that permit us to organize and manage our day-to-day functioning. This professional development session will provide an overview of the numerous definitions of executive functions, with a particular eye toward its multidimensionality and ultimate manifestations in school-age students following a TBI. The neurological underpinnings of executive functions will be presented and the importance of the neurodevelopmental process in understanding TBI at specific developmental time points. Attention will be devoted to both specific assessment strategies for measuring executive capabilities and the available intervention practices for executive dysfunctions. For the advanced BrainSTEPS professional, the day will conclude with ample time for discussion and questions.


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