Supporting High School Students

If you are not an expert or familiar with CS, it can be difficult to help your students understand the importance of CS and the capabilities that it can offer. It is important to know that you are not alone. Here are resources that can be used to help you and your students. 


Counselors should be your first line of support to discuss how your student can benefit from CS. Counselors for Coding (C4C) have many resources to help you understand how a counselor can be beneficial to your students’ CS journey. 

AP Computer Science Courses

Many schools offer AP Computer Science A and AP Computer Science Principles. These courses are typically offered as electives that students can choose to take. While it is not required to enroll in these courses, at the end they can take an exam to possibly earn college credits. These credits are not guaranteed at every college and a certain score is required.

Talk to your student and school counselors about these courses and see if they are the right courses for them. Even if they aren’t interested in earning college credit or taking the exam, the course can offer them insight into a career pathway that is in demand.