MAX Administrative PLC Day 2: Handouts for Participants

January 8, 2018

•    Assessment Activity Guide – This is a document that administrators utilize when looking at their district-wide assessments and how they impact students with significant cognitive disabilities. Used on Slides 21 and 22
•    Danielson Activity Grid – This is a document that administrators utilize when connecting Project MAX look-fors to teacher effectiveness. Used on Slide 23
•    FAPE Letter 111615 – This is the letter form OSEP regarding guidance on FAPE.  It is utilized during the Socratic Seminar on Slide 20
•    LRE and IEP BEC 013009 – This document is used as additional information regarding LRE. Administrators will use this to extrapolate the impact of LRE on the community, school board, family administrators teachers and students. Used on Slide 11.
•    Managing Complex Change – This is the document that is utilized to have the administrators identify something they’ve done in relation to Project MAX that has helped their team move forward. Used on Slide 6
•    PA SEDR Report 14-15 – The most recent Special Education Data Report should be used for the participants to analyze their own district special education data. Used on Slide 14
•    PLC PP Day 2 - This is the PDF version of the power point for participants

Topics: State Personnel Development Grant

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