MAX Administrative PLC Day 1 Handouts for Participants

January 8, 2018

•    Change Cards – These cards are used for the administrative activity corresponding to Slide 10 in the power point
•    Change Checklist Worksheet – This document is used as a graphic organizer to be utilized with the corresponding video embedded into Slide 8 in the power point
•    Final Team Knowledge Skills Perspectives – This document is designed to guide LEAs and IUs in the process of selecting MAX team members.  This is used in an administrative activity corresponding to Slide 21 in the power point
•    MAX PLC Day 1 – This is the PDF version of the power point for participants
•    Order Change Article – This is an article regarding first and second order change that the administrators read to complete an activity corresponding to Slide 14 in the power point. 
•    Practice Profile Leadership – This is the leadership section of the practice profile which is used as a discussion guide on Slide 21 when comparing the political/practical visionaries of both administrators and internal coaches
•    When Change Has Legs - This is an article that is referenced during Slides 15-20 regarding what administrator can do to sustain change over time 

Topics: State Personnel Development Grant

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