MAX Admin PLC Day 3: Handouts for Participants Day 3

January 8, 2018

•    Classroom Characteristics Self-Assessment – This is the document that helps teachers assess best and effective practices for complex instructional needs and prioritize areas where improvement is needed. Used with Slide 9
•    I Used to Think Chart – This document is used to have administrators reflect on how their thinking on a particular topic has changed throughout their career.  Used with Slide 6
•    Instructional Observational Tool – This is the document that is used to provide information on the design and delivery of classroom instruction. Used with Slide 10
•    Managing Complex Change – This document is used for an activity where administrators determine where there current MAX teacher are and where they think their future MAX teachers are in relation to MAX. Used with Slides 14-15
•    MAX PLC Day 3 - This is the PDF version of the power point for participants
•    MAX TimeLine for Tools – This document is a summary of all of the Project MAX tools utilized over the years. Used with Slide 8
•    Scaling Up Results Discussion – This is a summary page of the information that was gathered from the administrators regarding the sharing of vision and principles of Project MAX to various stakeholders. Used with Slide 20
•    Tools Annotated Discussion – This document is used as a graphic organizer for participants to look at both the Classroom Characteristics Tool and the Instructional Observation Tool. Used with Slide 11

Topics: State Personnel Development Grant

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