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ABA Supports Training Guide - Classroom Organization

00:02:06 minutes
Scheduling, materials organization, and data collection systems are discussed in this brief overview.

ABA Supports Training Guide - Data-Based Decision Making

00:02:09 minutes
The use of systematic gathering of data and the analysis and response to that data are presented to highlight this important process.

ABA Supports Training Guide - Direct and Group Instruction

00:01:17 minutes
Most education in schools occurs in groups. This introduction reviews the basics of establishing group instruction for students with autism including direct instruction techniques.

ABA Supports Training Guide - Fluency Training

00:01:17 minutes
This segment provides a brief description of fluency training and its importance in teaching procedures.

ABA Supports Training Guide - Intensive Teaching

00:02:13 minutes
Included in this segment is a brief review of processes for providing intensive teaching as a form of discrete trial instruction. The clip covers the basics of providing a mixed and varied approach to instruction with errorless teaching procedures.

ABA Supports Training Guide - Natural Environment Teaching

00:01:31 minutes
Techniques and processes for systematically addressing teaching through natural interactions occurring during the school day are introduced. Natural environment teaching is presented as a means of using the studentâ?s motivation, promoting generalization, and having student's learn to respond outside of highly structured settings.

ABA Supports Training Guide - Social Skills

00:01:39 minutes
The importance of planned and systematic social skills training and the relation between verbal skills and social skills are introduced.

ABA Supports Training Guide - Staff Training

00:02:25 minutes
Some central components related to training staff in delivering quality instruction for students with autism are discussed with brief examples of training models.

ABA Supports Training Guide - Vocal Training

00:01:36 minutes
A brief description of instructional considerations in planning vocal training programs for students with autism.

ABCs of Vision

00:26:20 minutes