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504 or IEP

00:03:44 minutes
This video highlights two ways to provide the specialized instruction and classroom accommodation for deaf or hard of hearing students: an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and a Section 504 Plan.

55. Kicking-Off Positively

01:00:35 minutes
Participants will learn the processes and procedures used for the initial implementation of PBIS. Specific examples shared will include creation of a matrix, hallway and voice level procedural lesson plans, reinforcement materials, how to create a kick-off video, and Tiger Club rewards program.

58. Making "Moves" with Program Wide PBIS

00:56:57 minutes
During this interactive session, participants will explore how Easter Seals is using music, songs, and rhymes to teach behavioral expectations in diverse classroom settings. The presenters will share how the use of music and music therapy can be an integral part of establishing universal supports and teaching of targeted social emotional skills.

59. SIZE MATTERS: SWPBIS in a Large, Consolidated School

00:59:05 minutes
After consolidating five schools, Clearfield Elementary grew overnight to 1,200 students and 200 staff. To meet the demands of their new environment, SWPBIS was the starting point for bringing together their students and staff. During this session, the presenters will focus on student and staff acknowledgement systems, character education, SAP integration, and school morale.

6. Implementation of PBIS in a Preschool Classroom Through Literacy

00:51:36 minutes
During this session participants will be exposed to practical ways that PBIS is taught in a preschool classroom using literature. Presenters will share a variety of books that teach across the learning domains, as well as, support PBIS principles in classrooms.

60. The Youth Voice of RENEW

00:52:34 minutes
In this session participants will experience RENEW first hand through the eyes of youth who have taken the RENEW journey from the mapping process, through action planning, into the wrap-around supports and the transition support that the teens needed to meet their goals and experience success. Participants will hear their stories, and participants will be touched by the results.

61. Psychological Counseling as a Related Service

01:01:44 minutes
This session will highlight a new guidance document, Psychological Counseling as a Related Service, from the Bureau of Special Education. The session will feature the following: the special education process of assessment, identification of student need, implementation of the related service, and monitoring the continued need for eligible students within a service delivery system.

64. "We Work Together" - PBIS & Family Involvement

00:47:23 minutes
To implement PBIS with fidelity, parent involvement is essential. This session is designed to share ideas on how to involve parents in PBIS. Lancaster Head Start’s goal is to educate families on the benefits of PBIS strategies to promote their child’s success in the home, school and community.

65. From Reactive to Proactive: A Shift in Focus

00:41:15 minutes
During this session, presenters will discuss the elements that proved successful for creating a schoolwide positive behavior system in an urban school setting. The school successfully shifted from a consequence based discipline system to proactive teaching with reinforcement of the values and virtues upon which the school’s foundation is based. Celebrations of students’ success replaced emphasis upon restrictive systems.

66. Prevention Works! Providing Tier 2 Support Through Your Student Assistance Program

00:52:38 minutes
This session will impress upon participants the importance of “effective” staff collaboration and follow-through, administrative support, networking with outside supports and services, and parent involvement.