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Step 2 A and B Alignment of Learning Targets

00:20:14 minutes
This presentation will introduce steps A and B of the standards-aligned unit planning process, which include learning targets.

Use of Practice Profile Rubric, Discussion Guide, and Implementation Plan

00:11:15 minutes
This presentation explains how teams can utilize the self-rating MAX Practice Profile Implementation Rubric, Discussion Guide, and the Status and Implementation Plan for the purpose of action planning.

PA Core Standards and SAUPP Step 1

00:13:33 minutes
This presentation focuses on the PA Core Standards and the Standards-Aligned Unit Planning process, specifically the first step.

Windows Accessibility for Students with High-Incidence Disabilities

01:55:04 minutes
This webinar provides an overview of built-in accessibility tools, Windows operating system features, and common productivity tools that can be useful to students with high-incidence disabilities (e.g., dyslexia, learning disabilities). It includes discussion and demonstration of third-party tools that are available at low or no-cost to serve the same purposes. Participants will also find the information useful for incorporating Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approaches to their instruction and supports.

Assessment for Students who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing

01:57:26 minutes
The purpose of the training is to present information on assessment for deaf and hard of hearing learners across the cognitive, academic, and social, emotional, and behavioral domains. During the session, we will discuss the importance of multiple measures of assessment and the use of assessment information to make instructional decisions. We will also discuss how to accurately report and interpret assessment results, including how to avoid common mistakes.

Student Voices: Are you on track to graduate?

00:04:45 minutes
This video highlights several high school students who are involved with the State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) to increase graduation rates and decrease dropout rates. They share their challenges and how to overcome them in order graduate. In addition, they note their goals after graduation and a checklist is provided to guide and encourage students to stay on track in order to complete school.

RENEW TOT and Facilitator Webinar

00:44:08 minutes
This webinar focuses on the West Greene School District and its implementation of RENEW. Their staff presents a case study and shares student level response to RENEW. Also, this webinar revisits Lance Hank and his continued growth and progress in his post-secondary life and schooling. Finally the end of year TOT Booster training, new TOT training, and data due dates are discussed.

RENEW TOT and Facilitator Webinar: We've Mapped…Now What?

01:01:15 minutes
This webinar highlights the RENEW training menu with dates and materials for the 2017-18 school year. Also, student level data is reviewed to show attendance and behavioral outcomes associated with participation in RENEW. Finally the RIT and RIC are discussed with due dates for this year.

Public Forum on Pennsylvania's UEB Implementation for Math and Technical Content

00:20:36 minutes
This recorded presentation provides a brief historical overview of the factors that led to the adoption of UEB and contrasts key features of the braille codes currently used for math and technical content in the United States.

Project MAX Parent Video

00:07:40 minutes
The testimonials in this video are from family network members who want to build awareness and empower other families to lead change in Pennsylvania for students who receive special education services. Hear firsthand how the principles of presuming competence, fostering high expectations, and collaborating on school teams has made an impact for families and professionals.