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Mand Training: Shaping, Prompting and Fading Prompts

00:03:08 minutes
The methods to establish an initial mand are described including issues related to prompting responses. Shaping is described as a process of systematic application of successive approximations and differential reinforcement. The importance of systematically using and fading prompts is introduced.

Mand Training: Transfer Trials

00:02:47 minutes
Transfer trials are teaching trials for mands that deliberately fade prompts. Two types of prompt fading transfer trials are described: within trial transfer trials and second trial transfers.

Mand Training: Error Correction

00:02:13 minutes
Although procedures presented in this series promote reducing errors during mand training, it is acknowledged that errors may occur in the process. This segment reviews the types of errors that may occur and procedures for correcting errors during mand training.

Mand Training: Data Systems

00:02:51 minutes
The importance of data collection as a process to guide mand training is presented. Methods for collecting both mand acquisition and mand frequency data are described.

Mand Training: Mand Target Selection

00:02:35 minutes
Mand training starts with identifying items and events which are generally valuable for students. This segment covers how to select reinforcers that will serve as the starting point for mand training.

Common Vision Problems

02:49:02 minutes

PA School Vision Screening Guidelines

01:05:52 minutes

When Should a Child Have an Eye Exam?

00:04:18 minutes

Vision and Learning

00:40:59 minutes

Traumatic Brain Injury

00:55:22 minutes