The Dynamic Role of the Paraprofessional | PaTTANpod [S5E5]

Speaking: Christine Moon, Tammy Adams, Renee Patterson

There are many roles individuals play in a school setting. Each one carries a heavy responsibility for ensuring the welfare of our students – physically, emotionally, and academically. A dynamic role in the school setting is that of a paraprofessional. In alignment with Pennsylvania’s dedication to Attracting, Preparing, and Retaining practitioners in education, specifically in special education, Christine Moon, educational consultant from PaTTAN West / state lead for the APR pillar at the state level, Tammy Adams, Special Education Supervisor for the West Allegheny School District and Renee Patterson, a paraprofessional in West Allegheny School District joined PaTTANpod to discuss the dynamic role of paraprofessionals.