Overview of Feature Matching in Assistive Technology with Kelly Fonner

Speaking: Kelly Fonner, Tammy Thompson-Cooke

Assessment processes for assistive technology for individuals with disabilities have a common component referred to as feature matching. As a key component of an Assistive Technology Assessment, Feature Matching is often misunderstood, misused, or missed completely in the process of a consumer receiving an unbiased and full scoping AT evaluation. Often consumers are met with AT tool recommendations based upon the knowledge base of their local assessor, rather than the consumer's own full range of abilities and needs to be matched to the features that are available throughout a wide range of products that are available throughout the marketplace. AT and Rehabilitation Technology providers do not always need to know ALL of the products that are available, but they do need to know how to do a proper Feature Match process and how to search for products beyond their immediate toolbox. During this webinar, we will explore these options and receive a full set of feature match charts that are composed to range a wide variety of AT areas.