BrainSTEPS: Students (K-12) with Concussion - Educational Impacts, Symptom Based Accommodations, Ret

Speaking: Brenda

The 2nd webinar in the BrainSTEPS: Return to Learn Fall 2014 Webinar Series: K-12 Students with Concussion Webinar Series focuses on managing concussions within the classroom setting. Returning to the full demands of school too soon following concussion can significantly increase and prolong symptoms. This period of recovery should be appropriately planned for and supported by school personnel until the concussion has resolved. Most concussions resolve within the first 3-4 weeks, but 80-90% can linger several months or more. If the student does not recover within 4 weeks, a referral to the local IU based BrainSTEPS team should occur. Teachers should be equipped with a solid understanding of what concussions are, how symptoms manifest in the classroom, and what accommodations should be implemented immediately to promote student recovery. Current Return to Learn/School Progression Steps will be discussed. Stressed throughout will be the importance of having concussed students return to the classroom setting as soon as possible, after several initial days of brain rest, as long as accommodations are in place. This webinar will also emphasize the importance of school districts joining the 670+ district based “Return to Learn Concussion Management Teams (CMTs)” currently in PA who have been trained by the BrainSTEPS Program ( CMTs play a key role in the ongoing monitoring of symptoms and academics until recovery, as well immediate implementation of symptom based accommodations to lessen high levels of cognitive over exertion that can prolong student recovery.