BrainSTEPS: Return to Learn Fall 2014 Webinar Series: Students (K-12) with Concussion - Vision Issue

Speaking: Dr. Nathan

Concussion is widespread and prevailing injury in children and adolescents. The CDC estimates upwards of 4 million concussions occur each year. With estimates stating at least ¼ of students with concussion experience visual dysfunction; teachers, counselors, and educational administrators play an important role when making academic accommodations to ensure a proper road to recovery for the concussed student. Physical and occupational therapists have the potential to be gatekeepers in detection of visual dysfunction, as well as co-management of student therapy. Therapists treating vestibular deficits in persons following concussion must be familiar with screening, gross evaluation, and treatment techniques for common ocular motor and vestibular related pathology. This lecture will provide educators, therapists and counselors alike with the tools to better understand the role of the visual system when encountering students have persistent post-concussion syndrome.