Are you familiar with Short Term Loan? | PaTTANpod [S5E8]

Speaking: Sara Frey, Elizabeth Christopher, Greg Gerhart, Mike Onofrey

The Short Term Loan (STL) Program at PaTTAN provides local education agencies (LEAs) with devices to assess the assistive technology (AT) needs of students with disabilities. AT kit categories include: augmentative and alternative communication, blindness/visual impairment, computer access, deaf/hard of hearing/deafblind, switch access/environmental access, and technology for print/reading/writing support. In this episode, Beth Christopher, Greg Gerhart, and Mike Onofrey provide an overview of the Short Term Loan program and tips for LEAs. Mike Onofrey is an Assistive Technology Support Specialist at PaTTAN. Mike has 30+ years of experience supporting LEAs through the Short Term Loan (STL) program. Mike processes STL orders and prepares them for shipping. He also provides technical support for the equipment that is borrowed through PaTTAN’s lending library.