Curriculum and Instruction

Artificial Intelligence refers to computer systems designed to mimic the way humans think. AI is able to complete certain tasks in a similar way to us, but very quickly, and with great detail.
In the classroom, AI can be used in a variety of ways. It can provide 1:1 tutoring to students, assist learners in writing and interpreting texts, and provide teachers with drafts of lesson plans and parent communication. 
In this section, we will provide some resources for using AI effectively across grade bands.

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AI in K-8

AI in 7-12

Resources for AI Education

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In January 2018 the Pennsylvania State Board of Education endorsed the 2017 Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) K-12 Computer Science Standards. Local education agencies (LEAsare encouraged to voluntarily adopt these standards to guide the implementation of Computer Science education. 

Where does AI fit into the CS Standards?

Concept: Computing Systems 
What is AI? How is it designed, built, and trained?

Concept: Networks & The Internet
How do we communicate with AI? How do we keep AI secure and safe?  

Concept: Data & Analysis
How is AI trained? How does AI use and store data?

Concept: Algorithms & Programming 
How do we program AI and machine learning?

Concept: Impacts of Computing 
What are the impacts of AI on society? How do we use AI effectively and safely? How do we use AI to help solve societal problems?