Returning STL Kits

Return STL Kits

The requester/loanee will receive an e‐mail message one week before the end of the six‐week loan period with instructions for returning a kit.
At any time during the loan period, the requester/loanee may return a kit by clicking on the Return Kit button below and entering the requested information on PaTTAN’s UPS Returns Web site.

Return Shipping Instructions:

A kit can be shipped back to PaTTAN at any time. In order to return the kit, we ask that you print out a UPS label from our UPS account.
We have outlined the procedures to complete this task below:

  1. Pack up the kit checking that all equipment is enclosed. Seal it if appropriate.
  2. Go to
  3. Login with the following information:
    • Company Alias:  pattan
    • Login ID: pattan
    • Login Password: pattan
  4. Once on the site: Enter the address where the kit will physically be available for pick up by UPS.

There are three possible scenarios for UPS to pick up the device:

  1. If your facility is a location that UPS stops often then place the kit with the rest of the packages being picked up.
  2. If you facility is not a regular pickup location, you will need to call UPS to schedule a pickup.
  3. You can drop the kit off at any UPS store in Pennsylvania as long as you print the return label and affix it to the package. For the location of your nearest UPS center, please visit
  4. Print the label.
  5. Affix the label to the package and place it in the above pickup location.
  6. Keep a copy of the UPS shipping label before you return the kit. This allows us to verify that the item has been shipped and to track lost items. IF YOU DO NOT KEEP A COPY OF THE UPS TRACKING NUMBER AND IF WE NEVER RECEIVE THE KIT, WE WILL CONSIDER YOUR FACILITY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE REPLACEMENT COST OF THE KIT.

The weight of your kit is on the shipping invoice we included with the kit.
For any questions contact PaTTAN at 717-901-2254, or email or
Thank you.