Teachers and Special Education Paraprofessionals: Working as a Team to Support Students

September 19, 2012

The materials contained in this training packet are designed to offer professional development to general educator, special educator and special education paraprofessional partners who work together to provide educational services for students with disabilities in a variety of educational settings. The content addresses the important topic of working as teacher/paraprofessional teams. The materials focus on roles and responsibilities of team members, communication and problem-solving, and teaming to support students in the classroom. These materials, which include Power Point slides, trainer notes and activity handouts, may be used by IU trainers, district administrators, lead teachers, or others to provide professional development locally at an IU or district. These materials may be used as is, or customized to meet local needs. Four items are available for trainers to download: 1) PPT slides with trainer notes 2) Slide handout for participants in PDF format 3) Activity handout for participants in Word format 4) Activity handout in PDF format

Topics: Paraprofessionals, Special Education Leadership

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