Standard 9: Professional and Ethical Practice

March 9, 2009

This item is designed to be downloaded by professional development personnel for use in training of paraprofessional staff. Materials may be used as is or customized. Two documents are available related to this session: a Power Point Presentation and the associated handout packet. The Power Point contains trainer notes. The handout packet in word contains participant activities and any additional resources related to this session. This session focuses on the skill and knowledge areas of Standard #9: Professional and Ethical Practice. These areas are:K1: Ethical practices for confidential communication about individuals with exceptional learning needs, K2: Personal, cultural biases and differences that affect one's ability to work with others, S1: Perform responsibilities as directed in a manner consistent with laws and policies, S2: Follow instructions of the professional, S3. Demonstrate problem-solving, flexible thinking, conflict management techniques, and analysis of personal strengths and preferences, S4: Act as a role model for individuals with exceptional learning needs, S5: Demonstrate commitment to assisting learners in achieving their highest potential, S6: Demonstrate the ability to separate personal issues from one's responsibilities as a paraeducator, S7: Maintain a high level of competence and integrity, S8: Exercise objective and prudent judgment, S9: Demonstrate proficiency in academic skills, including oral and written communication, S10: Engage in activities to increase one's knowledge and skills, S1: Accept and use constructive feedback, S13: Demonstrate ethical practices as guided by the CEC Code of Ethics and other standards and policies.

Topics: Paraprofessionals

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