Prevent-Teach-Reinforce: A School-Based Model for Functional Behavioral Assessment

April 2, 2012

The Prevent-Teach-Reinforce(PTR) model of behavior support is a team-based, systematic, structured process for supporting students with challenging behaviors that have not been resolved satisfactorily with classroom and school wide behavior management systems. PTR utilizes scientifically validated practices of functional behavior assessment, reinforcement and teaching new behaviors. PTR is a structured, team-based functional behavior assessment (FBA) process that is easily implemented by school based teams. All students are evaluated using a standardized assessment process. Interventions for students include at least three components including prevention procedures, teaching and reinforcement. During this training session, Dr. Iovannone will teach the five steps of the PTR process: teaming, goal setting, assessment, intervention and evaluation. Participants will use case studies to practice new skills and further their understanding of the purpose and procedures of each step of PTR. Handouts include: 1. Prevent-Teach-Reinforce Powerpoint 2. Prevent-Teach-Reinforce Activity Packet 3. Prevent-Teach-Reinforce Blank Forms

Title of Training: Prevent-Teach-Reinforce: A School-Based Model for Functional Behavioral Assessment

Presenter: Dr. Rose Iovannone

Training Date: 04/09/2012

Topics: Behavior and MTSS Behavior/PBIS

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