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Aligning Instruction and Assessment to PA Core Standards for Students with Disabilities

01:11:22 minutes
This session will provide participants with an overview and access to examples of PA Core Standards aligned math and reading instructional materials developed to support instruction for all students including those with significant cognitive disabilities as well as students with complex support needs. These aligned resources will be a powerful tool in assisting general and special education teachers with planning and implementation of effective instruction and assessment. This Webinar will ALSO provide up to date information on the development of the 2014-2015 Pennsylvania Alternate Assessment aligned to PA Core Standards and assist you in determining how your district can enroll in the 2013-2014 PILOT of PA Core Standard aligned items for the 2014-2015 PA Alternate Assessment.
Collaborating with Families: Effective Family Engagement | PaTTANpod [S1E9]

Collaborating with Families: Effective Family Engagement | PaTTANpod [S1E9]

00:17:39 minutes
PaTTAN consultant, Dr. Nikole Hollins-Sims, shares how schools can effectively engage families and break down barriers for student success.
Effectively Engaging Families | PaTTANpod [S3E13]

Effectively Engaging Families | PaTTANpod [S3E13]

Engaging families in the learning and development of children is crucial. We know the evidence suggests that children, no matter the income or background, tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more when we actively engage families. Pennsylvania has developed the Family Engagement Framework to help professionals in learning communities maximize their efforts.
Family Engagement vs Family Involvement: A Better Understanding | PaTTANpod [S4E16]

Family Engagement vs Family Involvement: A Better Understanding | PaTTANpod [S4E16]

00:20:46 minutes
Educational consultant, Tara Kelly, speaks to the difference between family involvement and family engagement.

From Presence to Achievement: Raising the Bar for Our Students, Our Children, and Ourselves

00:51:48 minutes
From the perspective of this parent/educator, what does it take for all us in education –meaning educators and families – to raise the bar that is our own expectations? It’s not the job of education to fix my child; it’s the job of education to uncover her capacity, create access to learning and community, and provide opportunities and invitations for her to find her own contribution. The least dangerous assumption is that what our children’s/students’ bodies and brains can demonstrate to us is the floor, not the ceiling, of what they comprehend. Our children, our students with”Low Incidence Disabilities” are not buckets of needs or labels who can be easily measured or quantified. They are each a person who the world needs to hear from. The world needs what they have to offer. Education is the process of ensuring that they can make that contribution. Let’s start there.

I Can See Clearer Now

00:46:49 minutes
Raising a child with "extra-special" needs can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of our lives. Using real-life examples (the good, bad and the not so pretty), Djenne will take the audience on her own cyclical journey from parent to professional and back again. She will talk about the “tools” she has gathered along the way that have made this journey a very productive and successful one.

IEP Team Considerations that Impact Graduation and Secondary Transition Success for Students with Deaf-Blindness

00:50:55 minutes
The purpose of this webinar is to provide specific information regarding the graduation requirements and the various pathways to graduation in the state of Pennsylvania with an emphasis on IEP team considerations for students with Deaf-Blindness.

It Can Be Done: Creating a Dynamic Parent/Professional Partnership

02:03:34 minutes
This interactive workshop will explore the dynamics that can affect the relationship between a family and the professionals who serve them. We will discuss how education, culture, family interactions (ex. siblings) have an impact on both parents and professionals as they strive to provide the best care for the child with special needs. Strategies for positive collaboration will be developed.

Keeping the Momentum Going: Summer Strategies to Keep Families and Students Engaged in Learning

01:00:34 minutes
Summer can be the perfect time to offer opportunities that support and accelerate student learning. During this webinar, members of a Local Educational Agency (LEA) along with PaTTAN educational consultants will share novel practices and strategies for other LEAs to consider as a means to engage students and their families during the summer months. Learn ways to bring together creative and innovative educational activities and events for all families and students will enjoy.

Linking Families to School: Technology Tips

00:43:01 minutes
Improved communication between home and school, increased access to student grades and assignments, and sharing resources to support student learning are all ways in which technology can be used to link families to school. During this webinar, members of a Local Educational Agency (LEA) along with PaTTAN educational consultants will share their implementation strategies using available technology resources and tools.