Providing Access: Speech-to-Text and More

November 9, 2017

For students that are hard of hearing or deaf, a real-time transcription system can be a crucial part of their access to instruction. Presenters will cover several real-time transcription approaches and describe the benefits and limitations of each method. As a result of attending this session, you will learn about the various real-time transcription approaches that are available today and those that are coming in the near future; which systems to consider for use in differing situations; the cost of implementing and using these various approaches; and recommended best practices for deployment in your setting. You will also receive information on how you can sign up for a trial of some of the various systems to determine suitability for your specific situation. Please bring a smartphone or laptop to the session to view a real-time transcription of the presentation directly on your own device.

Title of Training: HELIX Conference

Presenter: Robert Palmquist, and Debora Cunningham

Training Date: 11/09/2017


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