ECO 201 for EI Providers: Effective Strategies to Ensure High Quality ECO Data

February 25, 2016

ECO 201 training sessions are designed for all early intervention staff who are regularly involved in collecting child outcome data. The training will focus on effective strategies to ensure the highest quality and greatest reliability of ECO data. Topics covered will include: strategies to increase the effectiveness of measuring child performance on an authentic assessment tool, involving families in collecting ECO data, strategies for gathering functional child performance, and using the decision tree to make reliable ECO ratings. Participants will have an opportunity to use case studies to enhance their skills in collect ECO data Participants should print or download the handouts below before they attend the training: 1) ECO 201 Reliability form (word): The ECO Reliability form in a Word format is a resource handout. 2) ECO 201 Reliability form (writable Pdf format): The ECO 201 Reliability form in a writable pdf format is a resource handout. 3) Conversation Starter: The Conversation Starter is a resource handout. (will be available soon) 4) Family Tip Sheet: The Family Tip Sheet is a resource handout. 5) ECO Rating Decision Tree: The ECO Rating Decision Tree is a resource handout. 6) ECO Data Reporting Form A: The ECO Data Reporting Form A is a resource handout.

Title of Training: ECO 201 for EI Providers: Effective Strategies to Ensure High Quality ECO Data

Presenter: EITA Consultants

Training Date: 03/06/2016

Topics: Early Intervention - Infant/Toddler, Early Intervention - Preschool

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