B1. STARS - Students Transitioning to Achieve Realistic Success

August 2, 2017

STARS is an innovative program that allows youth and young adults with disabilities to have real life experiences in the working world. This presentation will cover what is needed to design a program that not only provides experience, but also includes an assessment that allows parents, students, and school districts to have further information that they can use when planning for transition. The presenters will discuss how they formed collaborations with community partners, the different types of collaborations that were made and the outcomes that have occurred because of the collaborative relationship. The assessment that is used by the STARS program facilitators will be shared and the presenters will provide details on how they have built in to the program travel training and social skills.

Title of Training: 2017 PA Community on Transition Conference

Presenter: Jaclyn Nagle, Julie Skovera

Training Date: 08/08/2017

Topics: Secondary Transition

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