Interventions for School-Age Students--Two Part Webinar

September 23, 2020

This two-part training provides a deep dive into interventions for children with CVI, including those with deaf-blindness, looking at connection to assessment, daily routines, and the ECC with an emphasis on multidimensional intervention approaches.

Multidimensional Intervention Approaches: Connecting Interventions to ECC

This session will focus on examining ways to tie interventions to ECC learning areas using assessment outcomes. We’ll also discuss ways to develop interventions that complement and support student’s strengths while addressing areas of challenge through home-school partnerships and professional collaboration.

Objectives Connecting Intervention to ECC:

Participants will:

  1. List approaches for intervention within home and classroom activities or routines
  2. Explain how to address intervention needs based upon goals, supports and barriers to learning
  3. Identify approaches to strengthen the home-school partnership and collaboration among professionals


Multidimensional Intervention Approaches:  Building Skills and Motivation

This session will emphasize approaches to intervention that build visual skills, motivate student participation and enjoyment, and improve overall task performance for different ECC learning areas.

Objectives Building Skills and Motivation:

Participants will:

  1. Identify approaches for intervention within ECC learning areas
  2. Explain ways in which intervention approaches for children with CVI can improve overall task performance ECC learning areas
  3. Identify collaboration approaches that address learning skills in ECC areas for children who have CVI

Title of Training: Interventions for School-Age Students

Presenter: Elizabeth Hartmann, Amanda Lueck Ph.D.

Training Date: 09/23/2020


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