This site includes forms designed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to ensure that students with disabilities receive a free, appropriate, public education. Forms are available for the Infant-Toddler/Early Intervention, Preschool/Early Intervention, and School-age programs, and include both annotated and non-annotated versions. Forms are available as Word and pdf documents.

Bureau of Special Education Complaint Form

Access the State Complaint Form on PDE's State Complaints and Dispute Resolution page

State Complaint Forms in other languages are also available on the State Complaints and Dispute Resolution page. 

Complaint Resolution Procedures

If you need more information about the complaint process or if you are unable to print the packet and would like to receive a complaint form by mail, please contact the Special Educaton ConsultLine at 1-800-879-2301, or submit an online request.

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推奨された教育配置の通知/書面による事前の書面通知 (NOREP/PWN) — 学齢 cover image

推奨された教育配置の通知/書面による事前の書面通知 (NOREP/PWN) — 学齢

Effective Date:11/16/2014 11:00:00 PM
NOTICE OF RECOMMENDED EDUCATIONAL PLACEMENT/PRIOR WRITTEN NOTICE (NOREP/PWN) - School Age この NOREP/PWNフォームはL親への子どもへの推奨された教育プログラムとLEAがとる他のアクションの伝達手段(コミュニーケーション)をLEAが選ぶことのできるフォーマットを提供しています。 この改訂されたNOREP/PWN は4ページ目に追加のリソースを含んでいます。この改訂されたフォームはフッタに2014年10月と記されています。
Age:School Age
放弃重新评估同意书 — — 学龄 cover image

放弃重新评估同意书 — — 学龄

Effective Date:6/30/2008 11:00:00 PM
AGREEMENT TO WAIVE REEVALUATION - School Age 本表自2008年7月1日起生效。这份新表用于取得父母同意放弃重新评估。此前,这项请求含在“同意重新评估/同意放弃重新评估”表里。提供注释版本
Age:School Age