62. The Many Facets of Reading Comprehension | 2022 Literacy Symposium

Speaking: Laura Stewart

Access all of the sessions at https://pattanliteracysymposium22.sched.com/ 62. The Many Facets of Reading Comprehension: Where Does Strategy Instruction Fit? Reading comprehension is multifaceted, and as such requires a multifaceted instructional approach. While teaching strategies is only one aspect of that instruction, is it important? YES! The teaching of reading comprehension strategies has been shown to be effective, so what do we know about how that instruction looks? This session will address the need for brief instruction that engages students in strategic actions designed to develop monitoring skills and flexibility in navigating text in order to create that “mental model” of understanding. Specifically, we will examine: • What leading experts have concluded about comprehension strategy instruction’s limitations and benefits: what processes, when to teach, and how; • The gradual release approach (“I do, we do, you do”) in strategy lessons; • The importance of utilizing Think-Alouds; and • A model lesson in teaching inference.