58. Syntax: Somewhere between Words and Text | 2022 Literacy Symposium

Speaking: Nancy Chapel Eberhardt

Access all of the sessions at https://pattanliteracysymposium22.sched.com/ Emphasis on sentence-level instruction is critical to bridge the word–to-text gap for reading and writing. Readers must derive meaning from individual sentences in order to attain text-level comprehension (Scott, 2009). Writers must compose sentences to convey meaning through the text they produce. Additionally, the sentence is the linguistic environment that determines the meaning of many words making the relationship between syntax and vocabulary important to reading comprehension. This session explores these relationships, including words with multiple meanings, word meanings altered by morphological markers, word order implications, and word functions. Instruction can capitalize on and foster these connections through a purposeful selection of words, text, and instructional activities. By utilizing effective instructional practices at the sentence level, teachers can facilitate text comprehension and writing based on the text material use in their instructional settings.