51. Spelling in a Complex Orthography | 2022 Literacy Symposium

Speaking: Lyn Stone

Access all of the sessions at https://pattanliteracysymposium22.sched.com/ 51. Spelling in a Complex Orthography: Can knowing better really help do better? Some people take to spelling like ducks to water. Others barely achieve proficiency. We are all somewhere on that scale. If we, as educators, know a great deal about the writing system, will that make even those at the less fortunate end of the scale better spellers? Lyn argues ‘yes’. In this address, Lyn shows, through practical demonstration, the benefits of systematically teaching the orthographic patterns of written English. Drawing on principles of cognitive load theory, linguistic analysis and her vast experience in varied educational settings, Lyn offers suggestions for implementing high quality spelling lessons into everyday classroom instruction.