41. Beyond the Simple View: Exploring Implications for Instruction | 2022 Literacy Symposium

Speaking: Dr. Devin M. Kearns

Access all of the sessions at https://pattanliteracysymposium22.sched.com/ The simple view of reading is now well known to many practitioners interested in understanding the science of reading. In the model, word recognition (decoding in the first version) means linking letters and sounds to read words. That is true—but incomplete. Quick, accurate pronunciation of words also depends on knowing word meanings. How can this be? The first goal of this presentation is to explain how word meaning fits into the triangle (connectionist) model of reading (Seidenberg & McClelland, 1989) and relates to the principle of self-teaching (Share, 1995). The second goal is to explain how strong link between word meaning and word reading does not support the “psycholinguistic guessing game” in whole language (Goodman, 1967): It adds to the data that it is entirely wrong. The third goal is to describe the implications of these data for instruction.