E2. Increasing Independence through Person-Directed Supports and Services

August 2, 2017

As adults with developmental disabilities look for more opportunities to be fully included in community life, it is incumbent on the service system to change how supports are delivered. Efforts to increase the availability of person directed models of support have been implemented across Pennsylvania to help provide people with more options and greater control over their lives. The availability of more options is a benefit to many, and it is important that people are supported to navigate the system and hire, train, and manage their own staff. This session will describe the basic principles of person-directed supports and services, the benefits of supports brokerage, and how these supports can assist people in leading self-determined lives.

Title of Training: 2017 PA Community on Transition Conference

Presenter: Marian Saulino

Training Date: 08/09/2017

Topics: Secondary Transition

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