Helping K-3 Students Comprehend and Compose Informational Text

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Thursday April 21, 2016 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM


An important trend in addressing the increasing demands of college and career readiness is a focus on high curriculum standards, whether or not states have adopted the Common Core State Standards. A focus on rigorous standards in literacy means a greater need for students to process more complex language in their academic work, even in the early grades. Further, for elementary students there has been a shift from mostly narrative text to an emphasis on informational (expository) text. Therefore, to be successful K-3 students have to know how to unpack the meaning of text at the word (vocabulary), sentence and discourse levels when they read, as well as use words, sentences and discourse structures when they write. These requirements are more challenging for students who struggle. Participants in this session will learn specific ways to help K-3 students learn vocabulary and connected language structures in reading and writing text they will encounter in their classrooms. Ideas in working with teachers as collaborators in this endeavor will also be addressed.


As a result of participation in this activity the learner will:

  • Design collaborative vocabulary teaching protocols around informational text.
  • Predict the sentence and discourse structures that will be most troublesome for K-3 students who struggle with language.
  • Employ evidence-based practices in facilitating comprehension and composition at the sentence and discourse levels for children who struggle with language.


Practicing Speech-Language Pathologists, reading specialists, related service providers

Topics Covered: Speech & Language

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