Introduction to CAD Design and 3D Printing for Visual Impairments and Deaf-Blindness

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Session Dates

Wednesday March 27, 2019 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


This session will combine topics of computer aided design (CAD) design and 3D printing with the needs and demands of professionals in field of visual impairments and deaf-blindness. The design process and considerations will be reviewed to establish a foundational understanding of incremental design, rapid prototyping, and additive manufacturing. This foundation will be applied to the needs for access to educational and learning models. The process and needs will then be paired to outline considerations necessary to 3D models for tactile exploration.


Individuals attending this course must arrive on time and stay the duration of the course in order to receive Act 48 Professional Education hours.  Requests for exceptions are to be brought to the attention of the individual's Superintendent or IU Director prior to the course.


Participants will be able to:

1. Evaluate models and designs for feasibility.

2. Evaluate models and designs for accessibility.

3. Analyze the process of CAD design.

Target Audience

Teachers of students who are Deaf-Blind

Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments 

Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialists 

Teachers of the Deaf/Hard of-Hearing 

AT TaC/ AT Specialist


Topics Covered: Deaf-Blind

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Act 48 Clock Hour
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Dr. Sean Tikkun

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Paula Quinn