Assistive Technology Networking Days: A Dynamic View of AT Tools, Features, and Implementation

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Session Dates

Tuesday April 04, 2017 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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Assistive Technology Consultants support teams in the identification, selection, and implementation of a wide-range of assistive technology tools. Knowledge of these rapidly changing tools and features is a foundational competency for AT consultants. This event will provide IU and LEA AT consultants with opportunities to lshare and learn features for AT tools in reading and writing, environmental control and alternative access, blindness and low vision, and augmentative/alternative communication. General overview sessions of important AT features in each of these areas will be followed by intermediate and advanced-level breakout sessions to address specific implementation and training needs and the development of training resources around those features. Discussions will focus on implementation of AT with continual student progress in mind, as well as an overview of new and proposed Short Term Loan items to assist teams in AT decision-making.


Participants will

  1. Identify useful features of AT tools for augmentative/alternative communication, reading/writing, blindness/low vision/ and alternative access.
  2. Generate guiding questions for AT implementation that address continual progress and skill acquisition of AT users, for use with teams making AT decisions.
  3. Identify, generate, and share technical assistance resources for AT TACS for use with student teams and LEAs.
  4. Identify features of items used in AT trials, including Short Term Loan.

Target Audience

AT Consultants from Intermediate Units, LEAs, and APSs.

Individuals attending this course must arrive on time and stay the duration of the course in order to receive Act 48 Professional Education hours. Requests for exceptions are to be brought to the attention of the individualĀ“s Superintendent or IU Director prior to the course.

Topics Covered: Assistive technology

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