Innovative Perspectives on Communication Skills

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Friday October 21, 2016 8:30 AM - 3:15 PM


The first portion of this course is a thought-provoking session that will help SLP’s and other professionals examine and reflect upon how they interact with others given their life experience, to include technology. Participants will generate multiple means to communicate information to others in the workplace, to include students & clients/patients as well as colleagues and family members.

The second portion of this course is designed to change the way communication skills are taught thought SLP’s with regard to pragmatic skills, both in our typical developing children and society, as well as with individuals with ASD.


At the conclusion of this program participants will be able to:

  1. State three changes in technology that have impacted pragmatics of communication.
  2. Describe the interaction between generational changes and technology in terms of pragmatics.
  3. Define three strategies to facilitate effective communication between individuals across these generational and technological backgrounds.
  4. Describe the differences in learning styles between individuals with ASD and typically developing peers.
  5. Define the difference between holistic and creative language abilities and dual process language learning.
  6. Explain how learning differences impact development of language competence, performance, & flexibility with language use for pragmatic purposes.
  7. List three assessment protocols that identify areas of deficit and increase service eligibility for individuals with ASD.
  8. Identify quantitative measures that improve identification of deficit skills, particularly for those individuals with high functioning ASD who primarily present with pragmatic deficits.


Speech therapists

Topics Covered: Speech & Language

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Pamela Smith, Rachel Wolf

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Marci Davis