Continuing Education Credits


Conference Attendance and Continuing Education Credit Eligibility

In order to be eligible for conference attendance and/or continuing education credit, you must register for each individual session for which you are applying for credit and/or attendance. You will not receive credit, or be marked in attendance, for any sessions for which you have not registered.


Conference Registrants can access the Continuing Education Credit Verification Survey on the Chime Live app.

The deadline for completing evaluations is March 12, 2021.


Act 48 Clock Hours (up to 8)

The conference Act 48 evaluation survey is entirely online and can be accessed at Continuing Education Credits on the Chime Live app. Act 48 Clock Hours will be awarded on a per session basis. At the end of each session, the facilitator of the event will provide attendees with a unique 4-digit code necessary to complete the evaluation survey. Participants should login individually from a computer or iPad for each conference session on time, stay the duration of the webinar session and complete the corresponding attendance/evaluation survey by the designated deadline in order to be eligible for Act 48 Professional Education clock hours.  No credit will be awarded for those who attend by phone (audio) alone. Attendees must submit the Act 48 evaluation by the designated deadline.

On the survey, attendees must enter their PPID number, as well as the exact spelling of their First and Last Name and Middle Initial, exactly how it appears in the PaTTAN registration system. If this is different from the information in the Professional Education Record Management System, that must be indicated.

Attendees can find their PERMS information and PPID here: Public Access (
To locate how a name appears in PERMS, using the following link:

PaTTAN is not responsible for information that is entered incorrectly. If information entered does not match PaTTAN’s data, no Act 48 Clock Hours will be awarded.

Reminder: All Act 48 Clock Hours at the conference will be awarded per session.

  1. Make a note of the session number and title.

  2. Listen for the unique 4-digit code from the facilitator at the end of the session.

  3. The following evaluation questions must be answered in full for each session:

    • Describe at least two new ideas or concepts you learned in this session.

    • Explain how you might incorporate a specific new learning from this session into your professional practice (i.e., teaching, service delivery, support)

  4. At the end of the conference, go to Continuing Education Credits on the Chime Live app, fill out the evaluation form, and enter the proper codes for all sessions attended.

Psych (up to 8 CPDs)

Credit will be awarded on a per session basis. The Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network is approved by the Pennsylvania State Board of Psychology to offer continuing education for psychologists. PaTTAN maintains responsibility for the program(s). This conference is offered for up to 8 CPDs. To receive Continuing Education Credit, individuals must follow the same procedures as outlined above for Act 48 Clock Hours, complete all evaluation surveys and submit them by the designated deadline.