Coffee Breaks for Special Education Leaders


2021-2022 Coffee Breaks for Special Education Leaders: Considerations for Program Implementation

The Coffee Breaks for Special Education Leaders: Considerations for Program Implementation series will consist of four webinars, each an hour in length, that provide practical resources and information for special education leaders on specific topics. Each Coffee Break will consist of information directly related to an included resource. Content will be discussed for the first 45 minutes and the remaining 15 minutes will be held for questions and answers. All Coffee Breaks will be held from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM.     

May 18, 2022 - Building Strong Systems to Promote Secondary Transition
Our goal for each child is to ensure Individualized Education Program (IEP) teams begin with the general education setting with the use of Supplementary Aids and Services before considering a more restrictive environment.


March 16, 2022 - IEP Facilitation and Mediation Services: Proactive Considerations for Special Education Leaders 
Are you a special education leader who has been wanting to learn first-hand about the services provided by the Office for Dispute Resolution (ODR)? You’re in luck! Join ODR Mediator Nancy Giacomini as she discusses IEP Facilitation and Mediation. Ms. Giacomini will share the processes and benefits of these, and other no-cost services offered by ODR that can be difference-makers when utilized proactively.


January 12, 2022 - Considerations for Improvement of Least Restrictive Environment
This session will focus on initial steps leaders can take as they analyze their data with the goal of programmatic improvements for Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). Leaders will be introduced to resources, including sample LRE Needs Assessments, to utilize as they consider students in outside placements and possible improvements of LRE categories among students placed in the LEA. Leaders will leave the session equipped with tools to support their efforts to address LRE


October 27, 2021 - PaTTAN Resources Special Education Leaders Need at Their Fingertips
What PaTTAN resources are most vital to Special Education Leaders? Join us for a facilitated tour of the PaTTAN resources to support the Compliance Monitoring Continuous Improvement (CMCI) process, navigate the annotated IEP for efficiency, and enhance professional learning with available online courses and recordings.



2020- 2021 Coffee Breaks for Special Educaton Leaders

Family Engagement and IEP Team Meetings - October 14, 2020

Development of Paraprofessional Protocols to Determine Student Need - December 16, 2020


Developing and Providing the NOREP/PWN - February 24, 2021

Annotated NOREP-PWN
Annotated NOREP-PWN for Revocation of Consent
Procedural Safeguards Notice
Procedural Safeguards Letter

Manifestation Determination Review - April 20, 2021

2019 - 2020 Coffee Breaks for Special Educators

This webinar series features timely topics intended for special education leaders interested in reflecting upon their current practices and seeking resources to improve the programs and processes of their Local Education Agency.

Considerations for Your Extended School Year (ESY) Process - December 9, 2019

This webinar is designed for special education leaders to gain an awareness of the legal mandates and available resources as they design their Extended School Year (ESY) process.