Out-of-School Learning

Learning about computer science doesn’t require a device. CS can be taught in a lot of different ways at school and at home. We commonly describe computer science activities as There are unplugged, plugged, and physical computing activities that can aid in CS education. 

Unplugged activities do not require a device or computer. Unplugged activities help students understand computer science through hands-on activities and games using everyday items like crayons and paper.

Plugged activities are done on a device such as a computer, tablet, or in some cases, even a cell phone. Some plugged activities are available directly from a website, while others require downloading software or apps.  

Physical computing devices (sometimes called Plug and Play kits) are often used in classrooms but can be purchased for home. Physical computing devices are designed to be programmed (give instructions) to complete a specific task, such as displaying information on an LED panel, making a sound, and more.

While we're not endorsing any specific Plugged or Physical Computing products listed here, please note that there are costs associated with some of them.

Unplugged Resources
Plugged Resources & Physical Computing Devices