CS Family Toolkit Overview

What is Computer Science? 

Computer Science (CS) isn’t just playing video games or coding. CS is the study of computers and you can do more on computers than just play games and check email. Computers can be used as a tool to solve simple and complex problems. 

CS education encourages students to problem solve, think creatively, and collaborate with others to find solutions. This type of education encourages students to move past being passive computer users (ex check email, use the internet) and advocate them to create with a computer. 

CS and STEM 

In education, CS is also confused with STEM. 

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education is an integrated, interdisciplinary, and student-centered approach to learning that encourages curiosity, creativity, artistic expression, collaboration, computational thinking, communication, problem solving, critical thinking, and design thinking. 

Why Teach Computer Science? 

A Priority for PA 

Introducing CS to students at an early age will prepare them for future careers that haven’t been created yet. Over the next decade, most good paying jobs in Pennsylvania will require some form of education or training after high school, especially in the fast-growing fields of STEM and computer science. 

CS is rapidly growing in Pennsylvania. On average, compared to other fields, there are more STEM and CS jobs available, with higher salaries. Notably, 

  • There are over 17,000 unfilled CS jobs (4x the average in PA)
  • The average salary for a CS job is $89,590 (average salary in PA: $50,030)

Why else? 

There are many reasons for CS education, shaped by personal and shared values. 

Find your “Why” with CS Visions Quiz.

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