CS Unplugged Activities

CS Unplugged 

Code.org Unplugged Lessons
A list of unplugged lessons from code.org CS Fundamteals curriciclum 

Colorado School of Mines CS Unplugged Lessons
A set of lesson plans for teachers to use unplugged activities in middle school classrooms. 

Goolge CS First Unplugged 
includes a printable booklet that contains three computational thinking activities in which students (grades 4-8) learn about how computer science helps us communicate and stay connected with people around the world. 

Computer Science in a Box: Unplug Your Curriculum  (NCWIT)

Hour of Code: Unplugged Activities 

Note: Sort by "Classroom techbology" and select "No computer or devices"

STAR Net Libraries STEM Clearinghouse – Computational Thinking Collection

Unplugged Coding Activities: The Ultimate Guide for Elementary (Kodable)