Professional Learning

Use these resources to learn more about using AI in the classroom.


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Where does AI fit into the CS Standards for CS Teachers?

Standard 1. CS Knowledge and Skills 
What is AI? How is data science, machine learning and algorithms used in Ai.

Standard 2. Equity and Inclusion 
What is coded bias? How do we program AI so that it doesn’t become a racist jerk?  

Standard 3. Professional Growth and Identity 
Are the next centuries jobs coming from AI and what does that look like? Will I have to confirm I am not a robot everyday? How do we retain our identity through a world of chatbots, etc. 

Standard 4. Instructional Design 
What does the landscape of AI look like in our homes? Schools? Workplaces?

Standard 5. Classroom Practice 
What does AI pedagogy look like? How will education and educators stay ahead of the curve? 


Professional Learning Resources


MindSpark (free webinars to learn foundational concepts and classroom ideas (1. AI and Ethics, 2. AI and Machine Learning and 3. Preparing to teach AI)

ElementsofAI (University of Helsinki, Introductory course, Part 1)

Learning about ChatGPT and Generative AI

CS50 Introduction to AI with Python (one of Harvard’s famous mooc courses)

ElementsofAI (University of Helsinki, Introductory course, Part 2)