AI Overview

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence refers to computer systems designed to mimic the way humans think and reason. Some AIs are built for a very specific purpose, like the ones that recomment shows, videos, or social media posts to you. Others, like ChatGPT, are very general in their scope, and can accomplish a wide variety of tasks. But all of them are tools, programmed by people, to do work for people.

This article is a great jumping off point for those looking to take a deeper dive into what AI is and what you should know. The article addresses ChatGPT as well as the dangers of Artificial Intelligence. One important point the article mentions is that Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy and we by no means expect this toolkit to be your only resource. We hope that you will be able to use the resources and activities included to support your endeavors, as K-12 educators, in designing and implementing lessons and curriculum, answering some questions on what AI really is, and all the places we are already using it.


Why AI?

From your smart devices, to the videos you watch, to the search engines you use, AI is popping up in more and more places. And its impact will only continue to grow. This toolkit will help you explore ways to use AI effectively and safely in the classroom and out.


AI is being used across industries and in many different settings. 

These links provide more information about what AI is, and how it is being used.

What is AI? - business applications from McKinsey & Co.
Guide to AI - from Washington Post
AI Applications - from SimpliLearn
Educating for an AI World - The Disruption has already happened!
Snapshot of Research from CSforAll -Pedagogical recommendations from CSforAll
Coded Bias Movie - (Preview) - Links to Coded Bias Educational Guide/Discussion questions 


This talk from Sal Khan (of Khan Academy) is a great place to start learning about the role of AI in education.

Sal Khan TedTalk

Khan summarizes where we are right now (ChatGPT, etc) and what all teachers look for, a method (or process or collection of tools)  to help move our learners forward.

infographic of Sal Khan TED Talk

Five Big Ideas in Artificial Intelligence:

AI4K12, the Artificial Intelligence for K-12 initiative is jointly sponsored by AAAI and CSTA.  The initiative is developing:

  1. National guidelines for AI education for K-12
  2. An online, curated resource Directory to facilitate AI instruction
  3. A community of practitioners, researchers, resource and tool developers focused on AI for the K-12 audience.  

Their work provides a guide to Artificial Intelligence education.

Learn more about the Five Big Ideas in Artificial Intelligence.