Framework for Access & Belonging

Framework for Access & Belonging (FAB)

With Supplementary Aids and Services


The Framework for Access & Belonging with Supplementary Aids and Services – or FAB is the newly renovated Supplementary Aids and Services (SaS) Consideration Toolkit and keeps the purpose of the toolkit unchanged. 

FAB is a structured method to analyze the instructional, physical, and social environment of a general education classroom from the perspective of an individual student with a disability. The intended outcome of using the FAB Process is for the team to identify specific obstacles or instructional barriers that may interfere with meaningful access and belonging within an educational environment. Once barriers are identified, the team will select tools, strategies, and/or resources to reduce and/or eliminate these barriers to enhance participation and learning for the student with a disability in the general education classroom.

Learn more about the Framework for Access and Belonging (FAB) by watching the webinars.  
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PaTTAN and Intermediate Unit consultants have been trained in the use of FAB Process and are available to facilitate the process after March 20, 2023.    

For additional information regarding the Framework for Access & Belonging, visit the FAB Resource Site.