Optimized Inclusive Practices: An Overview of the Framework

April 30, 2017

The Optimized Inclusive Practices (OIP) Framework is intended to build the capacity of Local Education Agencies to educate students with low incidence and significant cognitive disabilities in the academic and independent living skills necessary for membership, participation and learning in all areas of students’ lives. Educators can use this framework to realize the goal of college, career and community readiness for students with complex instructional needs. The Framework includes two components: 1.Big ideas, concepts and competencies needed to leverage data, systems and practices to effectively educate all students; and 2.Assessment Tools designed to support a team of district and school leaders, educators, family members, and possibly students to examine inclusive practices in their school/district in topic areas aligned with the big ideas, concepts and competencies described in the OIP Framework. The PowerPoint in handout slide format is available below.

Title of Training: Optimized Inclusive Practices: An Overview of the Framework

Presenter: PaTTAN Education Consultant

Training Date: 04/30/2017

Topics: Inclusive Practices

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